Rhinoland Safaris

Rhinoland Safaris


Rhinoland in Action

Video courtesy of Universal Sportman’s Productions

Africa is a land unburdened by time, both enchanting to the eye and alluring to the spirit.


As a continent it stands as a monument to mankind’s historic quest to conquer but its treasures remains intact and untainted. Mankind is dwarfed by this land and together with its wildlife heritage it must constantly battle the elements.

At Rhinoland more than 30 species of game can be found, including 4 of the Big 5 and you will also discover other creatures that have made it their home.

As you roam you will develop a deep bond with this Africa. Then too you will discover its quieter treasures that only reveal themselves to those who explore. Nestling in the bushveld region are the hunting fields of Rhinoland Safaris where you will come to understand Africa’s rhythms and the unique challenges presented by each animal.

The vast plains of grassland and dense bush are home to an abundance of wildlife and it is here that you will pursue the white rhino, which in itself is a rare privilege.

While you will never tame this Africa, in spirit it can be yours for you will remember the unmistakable thrill of the silence and the menace of each mighty beast up close for that is the Rhinoland experience.

Meet our Management Couple

Marius and Heleen Kotze

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