Cueva Family Hunting Report

Cueva Family Hunting Report
Report by the Cuaeva Family August 2016
August 25, 2016

Hunting in South Africa with family, check.

Our trip to Rhinoland this past August could not have been better. Great accommodations, great staff, great food, perfect weather….ohhh and hunting, very good hunting as well!

Ours was a family trip: Mom, Dad, and 3 brothers. While the boys were out hunting, Mom stayed back and relaxed at the wonderful accommodations Rhinoland has to offer, often accompanied by our very nice hostess Amanda. Amanda made sure we were always well attended and never missed a beat. Staff organized a sunset seeing night and safari ride for Mom as well which she really enjoyed.

As for the hunting: The PH guides that were always with the hunters were of great help when in the blinds when deciding which animals to shoot. Each one of the hunters had a PH assigned to him throughout our stay and developed a good bond with them. They helped us tremendously in making sure that we hunted our target animals we had set for the trip. Spending time with our PH, hostess and staff in the evenings after hunting was something we all enjoyed since it helped us interact more with locals from South Africa, something we probably wouldn´t get to do in just a normal tourist trip.

The biggest highlight of our hunting was that my Father got to hunt his Buffalo. This does not mean it was easy though. On the second day of hunting he got his shot at the Buffalo but missed slightly low and got the shot straight into his leg bone. During our 6 day stay we tried to encounter this Buffalo again only to find him on the last day! The second shot was a winner and surely we all appreciated the effort from everybody to be able to hunt this great animal.

Overall, Rhinoland is a very nice Safari, with great accommodations, staff, food, and hunting grounds. We all enjoyed our trip and look forward to our return!

Cueva Family

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