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Generally flight arrive 5:40pm. Terminal A1 handle international passengers. On arrival go directly to Passport control. After having your passport stamped proceed through to Baggage Claim. Note: Bow cases together with golf cases are normally delivered by hand to a collecting area just next to the lost luggage area. If you miss your bow case, it may have been taken it to the police clearance office, mistaken for a gun case. Please just ask one of the officials on the floor to take you there to check. All Rifle cases are taken directly to the police office where you must fill out import application forms to get your import permit. The police office is situated to you right at terminal 1. Your Rhinoland representative will meet you at the exit of your terminal and escort you to the police office. He will be carrying a Rhinoland banner with your name on. The application process might take some time as you are on African time, so please be patient. It may happen that the Rhinoland representative is not on time due to an early flight arrival, traffic delay etc. – if so, please just wait around the arrival exit area.


As you arrive after 5pm in the afternoon we suggest to stay over at a guest house close to the airport. Pick up can be arranged early the following morning. If you prefer not to stay over the night of arrival you will have dinner on the way to the lodge.

A Guest House situated close to the Airport is Go 2 Safari Concierge, click here to see their details.


When driving to the lodge on your arrival day: You will arrive at Rhinoland close to midnight. You will be welcomed by the Rhinoland staff who will show you to your room.

When arriving the next day: You will be welcomed by the Rhinoland staff, have some refreshments and then shown to your room where you can start to unpack and settle in. Have lunch between 12 and 1pm. We can sight your bows and rifles to be ready for the afternoon hunt and go for a scout trip to introduce you to our bush and animals


Rifle hunters: You will be waken by our staff with either tea or coffee one hour before departure. You can then have a cereal or a continental breakfast in the dining room before you leave in the morning. After the morning hunt you will come back to camp for brunch around ten or eleven. You will have a siesta after brunch and then coffee at around three to leave shortly thereafter for the afternoon part of the hunt. After dark you will come back to camp. You can have some cocktails and then go to freshen up for supper. You can then sit around the fire and discuss the day’s hunt.

Bow hunters: You will be waken by our staff with either tea or coffee one hour before departure. You will then have a full breakfast as you will not be back in time for lunch. A lunchbox will be packed for you every day. After dark you will go back to camp where you can have some cocktails and then go to freshen up for supper. You can then sit around the fire, relax and discuss the day’s hunt. These are only a guidelines as each Professional Hunter and his Client will decide on their own way of hunting. As it is your safari you are entitled to tell us what you like and what not. (Within reasonable limits)


Flights from Johannesburg OR THAMBO Int. Airport departs in the evening. On the day of your departure you will have breakfast around seven in the morning. After settling your bill you will depart for Pretoria, our capital where you will be taken for some gift shopping and also to see our exporting taxidermy. Lunch will be in one of South Africa’s top traditional restaurants. After lunch you will still have time for some last minute shopping. You have to be at the airport at around four the afternoon. You will be taken to your check-in point and assisted by one of our staff members. You will also have to have your arms checked in. You will also have time to reclaim VAT (tax) on goods you bought in South Africa. Make sure you keep your receipts as you need it as proof of purchase.

And then – “Bon Voyage”


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